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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 13, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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but they exploded three runs in the first inning and then three runs in the third. bryce harper's home run highlighted the inning. they jumped out to a 6-0 lead. the cardinals would slowly chip away but the nationals entered the ninth inning with a 7-5 lead and their closer drew storen on the mound. twice, one strike away from winning the game and the nationals advancing to the national league championship series. but the cardinals came through. they are 6-0 in their last six deciding games and they did it again coming back to beat the nationals, 9-7 the final. they went from elation last night to unbelievable disappointment in the nats' club house. >> seven, eight months worth of hard work go in one inning like that. it's just frustrating. this is going to stink. this is going to stink until next year. >> that's the best part of the
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job -- you know, it's the best job when you're good at it and the worst job when you fail. that's part of it and like i said you just got to learn from it. >> they led the majors with 98 wins. adam laroche, a guy that has the option to leave next year but everybody on the team wants to see back over 30 runs and 100 rbi drew storen going to be the closer once again. i'm sure he'll feel like he has a lot to pro next year. from nationals park, dan hellie, news 4 sports. the fans are just as shell shocked as the players after last night's stunning loss. fans packed bars and restaurants all over the area to watch the decisive game five. some nats fans outside the stadium right after the game were simply dumb founded over what they just saw. >> horrible game. horrible. horrible game for me. >> wind out of your sails. >> it is. >> disappointing. it was a great season. disappointing loss but hats off to the boys. >> some fans chalked the loss up to the cardinals just being a
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better team while others say disappointment is normal for d.c. sports. you know, our facebook page is just lighting up with this stuff. michael burner said, always experience is the best teacher. they learned a lot last night and hopefully can take what happened and take it into the next season. it's been a great season at that. >> you can definitely hear the disappointment in their voices when talking after the game. they're bummed out. >> we're bummed out. but hopefully chuck bell is standing by and will brighten our day. hi, chuck. >> i can brighten it from a sunshine perspective. it is going to be a good-looking day outside today. perfect day to sit back and go, oh, next year. but, yes indeed. it's going to be a beautiful weekend in the great outdoors today so make your plans to get outside and enjoy it if you can. still a little bit on the chilly side early this morning. manassas park is at 37 degrees. 44 in fredericksburg. still 30 in frederick, maryland. and a lot of spots in northern maryland and west of the blue ridge down below freezing this morning. all the freeze watches and warnings have now been allowed
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to expire and storm 4 radar is absolutely free of rainfall anywhere near us. here's your saturday planner. plenty of sunshine. highs today upper 50s and low 60s and of course it's a saturday in the fall. that means it's college football forecast fim. the black knights of army playing host to kent state university in west point today. a noon kick off. 47 degrees there. don't want to forget about the other service academy, the air force is on the road in laramie, wyoming taking on the cowboys tonight. cloudy, breezy, and cold. 52 and kickoff for that game, navy played yesterday. more games coming up. >> all right. see you then. new this morning pakistani police say a car bomb exploded killing 13 people. it happened outside an office of pro government tribal elders in the northwestern part of the country. 25 others were hurt. no group claimed responsibility but pakistani taliban militants have staged such attacks in the past. now to decision 2012. president obama and mitt romney
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are both hitting battleground states this weekend. the president will head to williamsburg, virginia today for debate camp. he is expected to stay until tuesday where he'll then travel to new york for his second debate against romney at hoft ra university. romney will travel through the buckeye state today making several stops. protests in d.c. are nothing new but one proposed protest features some unusual participants. two men are planning a rally called the million muppet march. in the first presidential debate romney said he would cut funding to pbs even though he loves big bird. that sparked an outpouring of support in favor of big bird. the men are hoping for a rally on the mall november 3rd the saturday before the election and they're planning to have skits and musical performances featuring the muppets during that rally. and it will be a rocking good time in ohio next week as the boss will meet up with a former boss. former president bill clinton
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will join legendary rocker bruce springsteen at a campaign event in the buckeye state. president clinton will once again push for president obama's economic plans to help the middle class. >> this morning denver police are trying to figure out who fired shots at the president's local campaign office. last night a bullet shattered a window leaving glass all over the sidewalk. campaign workers were inside at the time. fortunately, no one was hurt. the shooter may have been in a passing vehicle. investigators are now screening surveillance video for clues. federal authorities are looking into allegations that congressman jesse jackson jr. misused funds. sources tell nbc news that the fbi and federal prosecutors are looking into pressing charges against jackson. attorneys met with prosecutors earlier this week in an effort to persuade them not to indict jackson. the illinois congressman has been on medical leave from congress since june. this morning bank customers across the east coast made be affected by a data breach. td bank has begun notifying more
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than 250,000 customers telling them their data may be compromised. a spokeswoman says that back in march some unencrypted backup data tapes were misplaced in transport including things like social security numbers and account information. so far there are no reported cases of identity theft. right now the shuttle "endeavour" continues to slowly move through the streets of los angeles as it travels to the california science center. late last night the process was delayed for a few hours as crews prepared for it to cross a major overpass. crews also had to take down power lines for a short time leaving hundreds of people without power for that time. >> a tight squeeze there. >> it was a tight squeeze. no room for error. but what a spectacular sight. the time is 9:06. coming up some new apple buzz. we have the must have item that could be announced this month. >> that's right. plus the investigation into google that could lead to a lawsuit against the search
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engine. and there as new trend of early holiday shopping. what items should you go for now? what should you wait for? what's the best to buy online? we've had expert advice on all of that, next. >> we will continue to recover from the nats' heart breaker last night. how are you handling the loss this morning? share your pain. we're sharing it with you all online. join the conversation facebook and twitter. just search
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oh, how the times have changed. black friday no longer kicks off the shopping season and of course there's always that big hypercyber monday but no more. new polls show people are looking for some great bargains right now. joining us to talk about this growing trend is the senior editor of retail me's insider magazine. thanks for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> you guys have coined a new phrase to describe this new shopping season. >> yes. >> what is it? >> shall i say it? >> say it. i don't want to. >> we're calling it octo-novem shopping which indicates a broad shopping holiday which begins as early as october and through the holidays where customers are looking for black friday worthy deals every day. >> can you get black friday worthy deals every day from october to november? >> you can. our study indicated 40% of people intend to start shopping for holiday before november so retailers are reacting and trying to incentivize those
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consumers by offering these great deals right now. >> the days of going store to store maybe going to the mall having your big shopping day and just running up and down each and every store, it's not that way anymore. >> it is really not. you can do that door-to-door shopping but there are so many great technology things you can use like price comparison sites you can use online, price comparison apps like red laser, an online and roaming app as well to look for great deals. so there are so many ways you can use technology to bargain shop and then retail me has an app as well where you can look for coupons for in store or online. we urge customers to look for the best prices before ultimately making your purchase. >> so is it a mix of in store and shopping online? should you do both to get really more bang for your buck? or is there one route that is better than the other? >> that is a great question. i think it's actually you can get great deals either place. depends on what you prefer. if you'd like to roam around and touch and feel go to the stores. if you want to see what your options are go online. >> and online it could include
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shipping costs so it may get more pricey even though you may think you're getting a deal. >> it is interesting. a lot of the websites offer free shipping already and those that don't will be offering it more so for the holidays. so you can get free shipping in a lot of cases. >> people that are shopping for the holidays, should they start now or is it better to wait until black friday cyber monday and those days come around? >> there are certain things you should start shopping for right now, the really hot gifts like the hot toys. because the deals are available if you see something that you want and you see a good deal get it right now. there are a couple things you should wait for that, you know, for black friday and cyber monday those tech items like lap tops, cameras, flat screen tvs, you'll see big door buster deals for those things. but other items, toys, apparel, home decor, appliances, you can shop for those things right now. >> and your study found that 7 in 10 consumers actually think we're snil a bad economy. how is that going to affect the holiday shopping season? >> it is interesting. despite that consumers still intend to spend up to a hundred
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dollars per gift resiff tyen tyen. >> wow. >> consumers will be spending the same amount as last year. >> what do you expect stores to be doing to bring in those customers who may not be feeling we're in a good economy? still need to get them in the door or on the website. >> stores are going to be doing a lot to incentivize consumers. a lot of lay aways. it's going to be coming back a lot. you have to be mindful of the fees associated. sometimes it's five sometimes $10. then stores are going to be doing interesting things like being able to reserve a toy in advance to order it right in store. things like that. so kind of keep your eyes peeled for those interesting things. and respond to them because the deals are going to be fantastic in store as well. >> all right. thanks so much for your time. we appreciate you being with us. good stuff. get to shopping. >> right now. >> right. thanks. i'm ready. all right. next we're going to show you the new gear. the maryland terps showed it off at midnight madness last night. and is pet insurance worth all that money? liz crenshaw breaks down the
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best plans for your furry friend. we'll see a warm up from this cold morning but will you need a coat the entire day? meteorologist chuck bell is back and has your forecast next.
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if you went to last night's nats game or if you stepped out the door this morning you know d.c. area is definitely feeling this blast of cold air. it didn't seem to keep people
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from entering out though in georgetown last night. most people were out and about bundled up in layers, jackets, and even some scarves. we talked to folks visiting from connecticut and they say it's chilly. >> it's really cold especially for washington not what i expect. >> reporter: what about you? >> i am pretty cold too. i have several layers on and really should have it zipped up but i don't. >> zip that up. >> reporter: people we talked to also say they welcomed the cold after this summer's sizzling high temperatures. forgot about how hot it was this summer. >> i know. >> you forget so soon. >> it was awful this summer. just to remind you. >> it was. one of our viewers says he woke up and said are we in december? >> yeah. >> very much so as far as temperatures. back down into the 30s and 40s this morning. far more typical of late november early december than of mid october but you know what? it is the change of seasons and without a little chill, what's the fun in going out and picking apples and looking for pumpkins for the kids for trick or treating? so great weather for all of your
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outdoor fall activities today. beautiful weather for a lot of college football games as well. there's the live picture of downtown washington. the u.s. capital building dead smack in the middle of downtown. beautiful day outside. nary a cloud in our sky. and i think that's the way it's going to stay for much if not all of your saturday. clouds will begin to come back into the picture as we get into your sunday afternoon but i think rain chances are holding off until back to work and school day on monday. for now, still chilly outside but the wind isn't quite as ferocious today as it was yesterday. now out of the north averaging only 5 miles per hour. immediate metro temperatures upper 30s to around 40 degrees. 44 now in for the belvoir and springfield. 43 in camp springs and brandywine. 37 manassas. 40 degrees at dulles airport. get a little bit further out to the north and west. temperatures still in the upper 30s now across the panhandle of west virginia into parts of western maryland. most of northern maryland out to the mountains of west virginia below freezing this morning. nowhere near freezing downtown
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though. here's your saturday planner. plenty of sunshine. highs today upper 50s and low 60s. a very pleasant day. a good bit cooler than average but, still, with all the sunshine and without the wind it won't be so bad. no rain around here today and no rain anywhere in the mid-atlantic so if you're traveling up and down i-95 today no travel troubles at all. nice and cool. courtesy of high pressure. as this area of high pressure wanders toward the eastern seaboard it will gradually allow our winds to come back around to the south and that will spell a big time warm up coming our way for tomorrow. and in addition to the warmer air we will pick up quite a bit of cloud cover by mid to late afternoon tomorrow but again rain chances appear to be holding off until we get into the lunch time time frame on your monday and then about noon monday until early morning hours of tuesday morning. so for today, sunny and cool. the breezes subsiding and coming back around to the south by late today. highs into the upper 50s and low 60s. here is the all important seven-day forecast. 62 today.
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but 75 degrees tomorrow. that is great news but it is going to be awfully breezy to almost windy tomorrow. and then there is your rain chance on monday. who cares if it rains on monday anyway? the rest of the week looks pretty good. sunny and dry. temperatures pretty close to average. college football, notre dame. we have no 6:00 news tonight. courtesy of the notre dame stanford game. rainy and mild. 65 degrees. notre dame unbeaten and just two weeks away from playing my beloved sooners. michigan men, they are in ann arbor. it's home coming in michigan today the fighting illini of illinois will be there. 56 degrees. rain likely. i suspect that's going to favor the home team in the big house today. >> okay. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. >> thanks. we talked a little bit about our disappointment. our huge disappointment with the nats. it's also a rough morning for orioles fans. the new york yankees defeated the orioles last night in game five of their series, 3-1 eliminating the os from the
9:21 am
playoffs. the yankees' hitter c.c. sabathia was dominant giving up only four hits while striking out nine. new york moves on to play the detroit tigers while the orioles are heading home for the winter. a bit of good news for washington sports fans though. there is a chance quarterback robert griffin iii will be back on sunday against the minnesota vikings. rg 3 took part in a complete practice yesterday and is officially listed as questionable on the injury report with a concussion but head coach mike shanahan says that if griffin passes his test he'll start. rg iii says he has learned one lesson from the injury. get out of bounds. the redskins play minnesota at fedex field at 4:30. redskins back action tomorrow. but college basketball was a hot ticket last night. >> carol maloney takes you to midnight madness in this morning's sports minute. good saturday morning everyone. well, by now you know what's going on with the local baseball teams. we'll go back to college for this sports in a minute starting with college football.
9:22 am
maybe on a friday matchup at central michigan and the mids invert the chippewas 31-13. later today a border battle between maryland and virginia from charlottesville at 3:00 p.m. and virginia tech might have its hand full with the 5-1 duke blue devils. plus, howard takes on north carolina ant t kickoff at 1:30. now for college hoops let the madness begin. midnight madness maryland style. the terpins are ready to bring it. new uniforms to go along with new players like charles mitchell. freshman forward with some ups and nick fousaust is back looki good. coach turgeon has a lot to be excited about. high expectations for his team. while at georgetown everybody is ready to dance. oh, yeah. john thompson iii kicking it old school with the hoyas. a seniorless squad doesn't have him worried. they are going for glory this season. that's your sports in a minute.
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i'm carol maloney. hope your saturday is a good one. >> thanks, carol. federal regulators could soon file a lawsuit against google over accusations of trying to suppress competition. the federal trade commission reportedly will recommend filing an antitrust lawsuit against the search engine giant. the ftc claims google is abusing its power pushing search results from its rivals further back and driving up online advertising prices. google's officials say they'll answer any questions regulators have about its practices. we could be just ten days away from seeing the ipad mini. tech analysts say apple will announce the smaller tablet on october 23rd with it going on sale possibly a couple weeks later. the smaller ipad is expected to be around 7 inches. while apple is leading the tablet market amazon and google are both working to lure people away with their smaller and cheaper tablets. a routine visit to the veterinarian can set you back on average $200. but pet insurance can help you cut down on the cost of owning a
9:24 am
pet. news 4's liz crenshaw runs down the most popular options for you to save money on your furry friend. >> we hadn't planned for it so it's been something we had to dip into savings and put some of it on a credit card and we have been paying it off. >> reporter: melissa van orman of northwest d.c. is talking about her vet bills. she has two cats and a dog all who have suffered from illness. the cats have had bladder stones, teeth extractions, an eye cataract which resulted in the removal of one eye. the dog has lyme disease and arthritis. all have been treated and she says they're living better lives. >> so it wasn't a question to us. when someone says it's this or their life we didn't hesitate for a second. >> reporter: van orman and her husband spent thousands of dollars on medical bills for their pets plus more for medications. >> our dog's medicine. he takes this medicine for his arthritis, this medicine for his
9:25 am
mood and this he's developed allergies. the cat has several medicines that he needs to take. >> the van ormans do not have pet insurance. >> i think looking back if we had had pet insurance that probably would have helped us. >> i don't know a lot of people give it that much thought. >> jessica anderson is associate editor at kiplinger's personal finance and is a pet owner herself who bought pet insurance but warns do your research before you buy. >> you want to read every policy you're considering really carefully. >> reporter: first thing to know, pet insurance will cost about $20 to $50 per month depending on what options you choose. the higher the maximum payout the pricier the premium. here's how it works. you pay your vet bill up front and then submit it to the insurance for reimburgsment. some insurance companies pay a percentage of the vet bill and you need to know about the deduct ibls. >> make sure that you look at how they treat deductibles. deductibles can be per visit.
9:26 am
they can be per incident which is different. >> reporter: what will pet insurance cover? >> most of the policies are accident related and illness related only. >> reporter: preconditions are usually not covered and plans that offer that coverage cost more. if you decide against complete pet insurance there is something called a wellness plan. it covers routine care such as physical exams and vaccinations. >> you know what i would recommend for people is to decide what your philosophy about your pet is. and how deep your pockets are. and kind of what you can afford to do. >> reporter: for van orman who didn't have pet insurance she says the care she sought after was worth it. >> i don't have any complaints at all about the expense because i think that they saw, you know, excellent people and they feel better now. >> liz crenshaw, news 4 today. >> kiplinger's personal finance recommends reading insurance company reviews before you get pet insurance and also
9:27 am
recommends checking out pet insurance reviews. go to our website nbc and search pet insurance to get that link. as a dog owner of many years it's something i've never thought about. >> kind of a new thing catching on. something to look into. coming up the fix american airlines is making to prevent passenger seat problems during a flight. >> and police responding to a call ended up needing rescuing themselves. how a patrol car ended up almost upside down straight ahead. now to derrick. >> an iconic yet under utilized washington site goes down the path to a new hey, what are you drinkin'? pumpkin coffee for the morning. and i've got my pumpkin k-cup packs for at home. now i can have my pumpkin coffee any time i want it. pumpkin's perfect. it's dunkin' with the press of a button. new pumpkin k-cup packs, only at dunkin' restaurants. america runs on dunkin' coffee.
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hello everybody. hope you're up to a great morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard gordon. it is saturday, october 13th, 2012. time to get a quick check on our forecast now. >> let's check in with meteorologist chuck bell. he is outside and it looks like he is burring in the elements. >> rough out there. nice and warm in here. >> you two are coming out next hour. don't you worry. i've been talking to the producer. i'm not going to be out here alone all during the show. there is a little chill in the air this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. i can tell just based on the flag here in the parking lot at nbc 4 the winds have already started to turn back around to
9:31 am
the south. that spells warmer weather coming back beginning tomorrow. outside there is the view from our tower right here in northwest washington looking back down past the national cathedral. a beautiful day outside. but it is a chilly one. 46 downtown. still in the upper 30s out across parts of prince william county. today is going to be a great day. sunny but on the cool side with highs in the upper 50s and low 60s tomorrow. also very nice but noticeably warmer tomorrow. back up into the 70s. the bison of howard university, they're down in greensboro, north carolina today, playing north carolina a & t. 63 degrees for the bison. christopher newport university down in newport news, virginia taking on lagrange who's traveled up from georgia. a 7:00 kickoff. 58 degrees there. and the final check for the hokies hosting the blue devils in blacksburg today. 12:30 for kickoff. 58 degrees. sunny, cool, perfect weather for a hokies victory. more games coming up. during your report we did some negotiating with the
9:32 am
producer and we're going to stay in the nice toasty studio for the rest of the show. >> i don't think so. >> we'll be back out there later. >> right. >> all right. thanks. well, today is the first step toward a new development in ward 8. st. elizabeth's east campus is set to be transformed into a 21st century landmark for the district. news 4's derrick ward is live at the unveiling of the plans for the new development. good morning, derrick. >> reporter: good morning. we are indeed here on this crisp, autumn morning. i want you to take a look here. you might say right now this is the st. elizabeth east campus gateway pavilion. it's quaint and provides shade but not much reason to come off the beaten path. plans are under way and we'll get some information about those plans going forward here later today for a brand new facility that is intended to open up this area. now, the st. elizabeth's east gateway pavilion is a plan that is a temporary building. they're going to unveil the design later today from an internationally recognized team. the development on the west
9:33 am
campus is already under way with homeland security and that'll bring about 17,000 people to the area by may of next year. but here on the other side, the east campus, there's not a lot going on. so what they're going to do is build an interim facility to open up and introduce and sort of reintroduce this facility to the public. it's going to be here for three or four years and they've settled on three teams and actually had three teams as finalists. some of them have been local. a small local firm called i studio from d.c. and also a baltimore based firm called ayres firm that has been in the final running for this. we don't know exactly which one got it but they've got a maximum of $2 million to work with on building this temporary facility. and it has to go in with what's existing here. this is historic land and these buildings are ally connick and really historically significant architecturally and socially. you know, if we go back to the history of this area, it used to be called the washington insane
9:34 am
asylum, actually the first such facility set up by a fledgling congress. during the civil war it was used as a hospital for convelescent soldiers. there was a certain stigma attached with having mail come to or from the insane asylum so they converted back to the st. elizabeth name which had its foundation in the 17th century, the original tract of land located here on the anacostia ridge. later today we will see how this facility brings itself into the 21st century. the mayor, ward 8 council member marion barry and also officials from the d.c. development team will be here to let us know. right now we're live in southeast, news 4. back to you. >> derrick, thank you. taking another look at our top stories this morning the nationals are out of the playoffs falling to the st. louis cardinals in their division series match up. at one point the nats were leading the cardinals, 6-0 in the winner take all game five but the cards storm back winning the game, 9-7 and knocking the nationals right out of the playoffs. >> president obama and mitt
9:35 am
romney are both hitting battleground states this weekend. the president will head to williamsburg, virginia today for debate camp. he'll stay there until the second presidential debate on tuesday at hofstra university. as for romney he'll travel back or travel through the buckeye state today making several campaign stops. in los angeles the shuttle "endeavour" continues its slow journey to the california science center moving on a 160 wheel carrier, very slow. only about two miles per hour. overnight the shuttle stopped for a few hours as crews prepared for it to cross an overpass on the 405. the shuttle is due to arrive at the museum sometime this evening. today people near denver will gather to remember the young life of a 10-year-old colorado girl whose body was found yesterday in a nearby park. jessica ridgeway vanished last friday while walking to school. after hundreds spent the week searching for her investigators identified her body yesterday. the police chief says there is a predator at large.
9:36 am
victims and families of victims in the aurora theater shooting attack will soon receive thousands of dollars for the injuries they suffered. the mediator in charge of handling the victims' funds says some families will receive up to $175,000 each. he said the 58 people injured will get an amount based on their length of their hospital stays. there's about $5 million in donations in the fund. the mediator says he hopes to have all of the money distributed by november 15th so that families have money around thanksgiving. a scary scene in los angeles as a police car smashed into a home while driving to a scene. take a look at this video. the officers were responding to a backup call in the area when they somehow lost control of their patrol car. they crashed through the fence and landed on top of another car. first responders had to pry the vehicle open, get the doors off just to get the officers out. the officers only suffered minor injuries. no one inside the house was hurt. the national traffic safety
9:37 am
administration is investigating a possible hazard for hyundai's suvs. the issue is with the 2011 santa fe models. a fastener can come loose allowing the steering shaft to come apart and causing the driver to lose control. the safety administration has not yet determined if a recall is necessary. so far no injuries have been reported due to this malfunction. american airlines says it is taking extra precautions to avoid more seat issues. they're adding a secondary locking device to the seats of its boeing 747s. more than 40 boeing 757s were found to have problems with the primary seat locking device. american says it expects to finish the modifications around next week and that no planes will be taken out of service. the fbi needs help tracking down brand new cash taken during an appart airplane heist. the money was taken from a dallas to philadelphia flight. it was on its way to the federal reserve in new jersey.
9:38 am
it included brand new $100 bills not supposed to be circulated until next year. the bills have a distinctive orange coloring. new york city's controversial ban on large sugary drinks is seeing its first legal challenge. a coalition of business filed suit yesterday claiming the city's board of health overstepped its authority when it approved the measure. the new regulation would prevent restaurants, cafeterias and concession stands from selling soda and other high calorie drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces. the law is set to take effect in march. and the time right now is 9:38. coming up how a clinic is making it easy for you to get a flu shot today. >> and a new chapter for a maryland teen bullied on camera. how he got lots of community support last night. >> an unforgettable moment for a virginia teenager at his high school home coming game. how his story brought out many tears. you're watching news 4 today.
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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
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welcome back. a 15-year-old high schooler faces criminal charges for threatening another student while being videotaped. brunswick high school student preston deaner was doing an interview about bullying when three students approached him and hit him. the teen suspect is charged as a juvenile with assault. last night the family of preston held an antibullying dance for the students. and those who attended had to sign a petition saying that they would stand up against bullying. >> getting bullied and it's to prevent it from happening and stop bullying. >> text him to make sure if there is anyone he's having a problem or anything. then check facebook and make sure nobody is saying anything bad. if they do tell his mom or him. >> about 150 people showed up to the anti-bullying event. school officials are also working to try and cut down on bullying among students.
9:43 am
another home coming last night, this one an emotional reunion. a burke high school student paralyzed during a family trip to hawaii is reunited with his classmates and teammates during last night's home coming game after months of rehab. what happens next had people in tears. news 4's erika gonzalez was there. >> reporter: sights and sounds of a packed stadium. senior year. home coming. 17-year-old nick ballinger has asked his girlfriend to be his date. but how do you dance with a beautiful girl when you're paralyzed from the chest down? ballinger has to figure that out. one of many new firsts for the burke high teen who suffered a life threatening injury to a spinal cord while vacationing with his family in hawaii two months ago. >> running into water, dove in, and thought the water was deeper than it was. and just cracked my neck on the bottom of the ocean. >> reporter: after weeks of intensive physical therapy, a breakthrough. >> i love proving doctors wrong. >> reporter: ballinger took his first steps earlier this week.
9:44 am
>> both of my sons play baseball. i think all of that training as an athlete has really groomed him to be resilient. >> reporter: before the accident ballinger and his baseball team won a state championship title and tonight they're being honored with rings. in a moment that would make even the hardest of hearts tender the teen who spent lhis last birthdy in icu telling his parents he couldn't feel his legs stood up from his wheelchair to receive his ring. >> didn't want to disappoint my teammates so i got better. >> reporter: to learn more about nick ballinger and how you can help him and his family through rehab go to nbc in burke, virginia erika gonzalez, news 4. >> great night out there. >> gosh. >> we were talking about that earlier. just an wonderful spirit for tt young man. he is going to go far in life. >> only the beginning.
9:45 am
he has great attitude and a wonderful support system. >> his will to survive and get better is unbelievable. good luck to him. and for us we don't need luck at all. we've got the sun shining out there. it's going to be a beauty of a day to be outside today and we're even talking about a warm up.
9:46 am
9:47 am
today hundreds of people in northern virginia can get their flu shot by a drive through
9:48 am
clinic free of charge but the time to do it is short. it's happening today in the parking lot of the james mccoart building in woodbridge, virginia from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. for people above the age of 3 and over. you do not need an appointment. this is key. they only have 900 shots so you'll want to get there soon. this fall weather is the perfect setting for the annual fairfax fall festival today. more than 400 crack booths will sell art. there will be live music. on oktoberfest beer garden and great food. the 36th annual fall festival is free to attend from 10:00 to 5:00 p.m. this is the perfect season and weather for all of these wonderful festivals. >> it is chilly outside. i've been told you two have already thrown in the towel and you're not coming outside. >> we did go out before the show to test the waters. >> and we decided to come back in. >> what a surprise. >> well, i will still be out there. >> you're doing great out there.
9:49 am
>> i am. >> really good. >> just me and my frozen friends. that's all you could see. a beautiful day outside. there is a serious fall chill in the air. i can verify that personally. but it's not a bad looking day. mostly sunny skies. in fact, not even a cloud all that close to us today. the clouds will start to sneak back into our skies to get into tomorrow. but for now your saturday looks absolutely great. there is definitely a sweatshirt and jacket weather outside first thing this morning. a chilly 46 degrees. winds are still out of the north down at national airport. as i mentioned a minute ago i was standing on the front lawn and our flag is already turned to showing a south breeze here in northwest washington. so eventually, everyone will return to a south wind by later on today. that will be the beginning of the warmup which will be here overnight tonight into tomorrow. in fact, tomorrow temperatures could be ten to 15 degrees warmer than they will be today. so that'll be a nice change. still a cold 39 in charles town
9:50 am
and inwood, west virginia. get up toward hagerstown and smithsburg, maryland in the upper 30s there. upper 30s across parts of western fairfax, northern prince william county. upper 40s to near 50 down toward california, maryland, and leonardtown, maryland. 48 degrees in fredericksburg and stafford. nothing but sunshine today. temperatures reaching upper 50s and low 60s. so not a bad day to be outside today. perfect weather for college football for sure. the battle of the old line state versus the commonwealth. virginia and maryland down in charlottesville on the grounds of the university of virginia campus. south breezes five to 15 miles per hour. 64 degrees the kickoff which is at 3:00 this afternoon. no chance for rain around here. and no chance for rain up and down much of the eastern seaboard today. so if you're flying or expecting someone to fly in today, no weather problems around here. there is an awful lot of stormy weath weather across parts of midwest. changing planes in dallas, st. paul or chicago there may be
9:51 am
some delays. for us high pressure remains in charge of our weather so nice and cool today. overnight tonight with the return of the south wind, nowhere near as cold tomorrow morning as it was this morning. and then tomorrow afternoon we will zoom back up into the 70s in many spots. great weather for the redskins game. today sunny and cool. not as windy as yesterday but there's still a little bit of a breeze out there this morning. so a little hint of a wind chill first thing. again, a nice looking day coming up for today. here is the all important seven-day forecast. cool today but much warmer tomorrow. breezy as well. winds out of the south tomorrow. 15 to 20 miles per hour. might even be a little stronger than that at times. so that'll be a little breezy. but if it's going to be 75 degrees it won't matter. monday looks like a lost cause. showery weather. might even have a rumble or two of thunder but no severe weather. great october weather all the way through the rest of the week. a west coast request today. the huskies of washington taking on the men of troy from southern california. it's in seattle. you know what that means.
9:52 am
cool, cloudy, and wet. 58 degrees up there. and the nittany lions are on the road in iowa today. rainy but mild. 67 degrees. an 8:00 kickoff tonight and it will be rainy. good luck to the nittany lions in that one. >> it's going to be a tough game. >> we've got your games coming up. can't wait. >> i know. lsu/carolina. going to be a tough one. thanks, chuck. prince george's county executive baker is once again drumming up support for maryland's question seven. the bill that would expand gambling in the state. he has a message for people who think it's bad for the state. during a taping of our viewpoint segment baker said the initiative would create 12,000 jobs in the state, 6,000 of those would be in the county and would raise much needed revenue he adds. baker is behind the push to build a new casino at national harbor and also responded to critics' concerns. >> so what we want to do is make sure that we have a high end site here we can bring in enough
9:53 am
revenues that we can target job creation. we can target health benefits. we can deal with some of the very real problems that are out there. right now we have the problems but no resources to deal with them. >> opponents are also concerned that the revenue generated from gambling will not go to education and other essential services as promised. baker disputed that claim. you can see the entire viewpoint interview this sunday morning at 7:00 right here on nbc 4. and with election day just 24 days away the pages of kids post are helping even the little ones understand politics. here is eun yang with that and some other items features this week. >> good morning. this weekend on kids post on tv political ads on tv, guinness records we see and waggy tails inquiry. joining us is tracy grant of "the washington post" kids post. nice to see you. >> good to be with you. >> first this week you're explaining political ads to your viewers and there have been so many of them. >> well that's right. and what we try to do in
9:54 am
sunday's kids post is explain to kids ways in which political ads are an awful lot like other ads that they see whether for cereal or a hot toy and ways in which they're different. imagine, for example, if you a cereal ad in which it said, don't eat that other brand of cereal. it tastes soggy. that is sort of how political ads can be. >> right. >> it's very timely. we have the big bird controversy this week. so i think kids can learn an awful lot about all of those ads that they're seeing in sunday's kids post. >> very interesting. people who verify those guinness world records always so cool. >> well i just love guinness world records. and in wednesday's kids post we feature a story about mike ginella whose job is to verify records. here he is counting the 515 signatures on a basketball. here he verified the longest continuous wave riding. this guy rode a wave for four
9:55 am
hours. >> wow. >> here was the largest toast celebrating fenway park's 100th anniversary. >> very cool. >> in wednesday's kids post a really cool job. >> my son just got that guinness world record book for 2013 too. very exciting. lastly, waggy tails. just why do animals have them? >> you know, why -- we don't have tails or we have the stub of a tail but why do animals have tails? in monday's kids post some of it is, for example, fish and sea mammals use it to steer. >> right. >> birds also use their tails to steer. dogs use them to express their emotions. very important for prime eights. they have something called p prehensile tails that allow them to hang and move quickly. lots of animals use them for balance. check out monday's kids post. >> now we know. thanks so much. for fun family activities visit
9:56 am
nbc or washington and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. it sounds like a promise straight out of a student council election. no more homework for students. but that's exactly what new french president is promising as part of the reform for the country's education system. he says school work should be done at school not at home. he worries students who don't have a good support system at home will be left behind. it is not all good news for students. he also wants to extend the school day by half a day. a hole in one is always a big deal on the golf course but especially when it comes courtesy of an 11-year-old. kai brown alexander of oregon was hitting the links like he usually does and on the par 3 number 6 hole sunk his shot from more than 140 yards away. >> it kind of hooks. it kind of draws. and then it lands on the green and goes right into the cup. i'm thinking oh, my gosh. i don't believe it. i thought my eyes were like
9:57 am
playing tricks on me. then my mom screams, you you hit a hole in one! >> mom was more excited than him. course officials estimate there is a hole in one about every -- about once every 9,000 rounds. so as for kai he says he wants to be a pro golfer when he grows up and is well on his way. >> that is why mom is excited. he's going to get a nice scholarship. and that's his ticket to college, right? good stuff. the time right now three minutes from the 10:00 hour. coming up why you might hear what sounds like an explosion in one part of maryland today. >> many of you know all too well we have some of the worst traffic in the country. up next what is being done to make
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
hi everyone. good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. welcome to news 4 today. it is saturday, october 13th, 2012. >> nationals fans are hoping last night was just a bad dream. the nats jumped all over the cardinals in the beginning leading 6-0 after three innings. but the cards chipped away at the lead eventually tying it in the top of the ninth at seven. then rookie short stop pete kossma drove home two more runs to put st. louis up by two and the nats could not recover as the cardinals win, 9-7 and eliminate the nats from the playoffs. >> it was a great year. it was a lot of fun.
10:01 am
but right now it stings a little bit. this will hurt for a couple days and then i think we'll have a chance to look back and see what we did and, you know, we should all be very proud of what we did this year. >> we did a great job. you know what? washington got what they wanted. they saw something new. and you know what? it's going to be fun for the next couple years. >> as for the cardinals, they head out west now to take on the san francisco giants in the national league championship series. game one is going to be tomorrow night. and lots of you took to social media to talk about the nationals' crushing loss. bryce harper even tweeted about the game saying he wanted to thank all the national fans for all their support the whole year. tip my cap to the cards. what a great team. hash tag live and learn. pku -- pku wrote, greet season, next year will be better. moving on.
10:02 am
just wasn't in the, quote, cards, end quote. >> that was clever. we have another fan who says i still can't believe it. i think i may be in shock. no nats, no caps, what am i supposed to do? >> we still have the wizards and redskins. and how did we go from two teams to root for to no teams? hash tag crushed. so a lot of people feeling the pain early this morning. i like how dana herd on her facebook page mentioned we really should hold our heads high and this is something that brought so many people together. >> yeah. but hash tag crushed pretty much describes it all. >> we can also throw in a hash tag cold when we throw to chuck bell. >> hey, chuck. good morning, you guys. you know you never think i would admit to making a mistake but here is a first. penn state does not play iowa today. they play them next week. thank you very much to the nittany lion nation who's been shouting out to me on the -- on social media and through e-mail. i'll have that for you next week. outside right now it's a beautiful morning but chilly out there. there's a view from our tower
10:03 am
looking south past the national cathedral under a mostly blue sky. it's going to be a great day to be outside today. high temperatures reaching into the upper 50s and low 60s but we're only in the upper 40s here in town now and still mid 40s across most of the northern and western suburbs but nothing but sunshine do i see for your saturday. high today right around 62 degrees. and then for tomorrow, not anywhere near as cold tomorrow morning. start off temperatures mostly in the 40s as opposed to the 30s and low 40s. tomorrow afternoon, breedsy and much, much warmer. back into the 70s we go. it's home coming at bowie state university today. they're playing virginia state. it is a 1:30 kickoff in bowie. 62 degrees there for the bulldogs. and the mountaineers welcome to the big 12. welcome to another trip to texas on a saturday. going out to texas tech to play in lubbock today. 79 degrees with a howling southwest wind out there in west texas. good luck to the mountaineers. more games coming up. thank you, chuck. police in alexandria are trying to figure out who is
10:04 am
behind three violent sexual assaults that all happened within just a few weeks of each other. the latest one happened thursday night near the intersection of van dorn street and courtney avenue right after a 20-year-old woman got off of a bus. she told police a hispanic man pulled a knife on her, demanding money. when she said she had none he pulled her into some bushes and assaulted her. people who live and work nearby say that they are stunned. >> i didn't expect this. you know, sometimes it happens but we have to be careful. >> two other attacks happened near holmes run parkway about two miles away but detectives said they don't believe those are connected to thursday night's attack. >> two men accused of brutally attacking and robbing a man near eastern market will face charges. they appeared in d.c. superior court yesterday. a judge ruled the two should be held in the beating and robbery of thomas maslin. they are accused of jumping
10:05 am
maslin back in august and savagely attacking him. he lost an eye in the attack and still does not have feeling in parts of his body. police caught them and one other suspect after they were accused of three other robberies in the same night as the night the police say they attacked maslin. heads up for those living near joint base andrews. the air national guard will be conducting a simulated combat exercise this weekend. residents might lehear what sous like gun fire and explosions but officials from joint base andrews want to assure everyone this is just a training operation and no live ammunition is being used. >> you probably don't need us to tell you d.c. traffic can be pretty bad. now a new report says our traffic is some of worst in the country. gps company tom-tom has ranked traffic congestion in the d.c. area the third worst in the country only behind los angeles and san francisco. but many hope that new metro stations on the silver line and in tysons corner as well as intercounty connector in maryland, express lanes on the
10:06 am
beltway and virginia and even street cars in d.c., all of that will help ease the congestion. >> we think we'll see real progress in the next year or so on these projects. >> the worst times to travel are the thursday morning and tuesday evening rours. the best times friday morning and monday evenings. more controversy surrounding the pro israel ads at metro stations as a muslim civil rights group is set to unveil a counterad. these new ads show a quote from the koran that says, show forgiveness, speak for justice, and avoid the ignorant. the council on american islamic relations says these new ads send a positive message. the controversial pro israel ads compare muslim extremists to savages and are sponsored by the american freedom defense initiative. a heads up now for metro riders. expect some delays this weekend for track work. the red line is going to have two portions single tracking. they are going to be between
10:07 am
grovener and twin brook and then between noma-gallaudet and fort totten. trains will also share the track between fort totten and prince george's plaza on the green line. everything should be back to normal by monday morning. right now we want to take you live to los angeles. we head over to the west coast where the shuttle "endeavour" continues to slowly move as it travels to the california science center. late last night the process was delayed for a few hours as crews prepared for it to cross a major over pass. crews also had to take down power lines for a short time leaving hundreds of people without power for a time and you can see that this has created quite the spectacle as many people have lined the streets to see this part of history take place. >> yeah. take pictures and everything. they might even be able to touch it because you can see that it was right up to the sidewalk. >> squeezing by. all right. the time right now 10:07. straight ahead the space discovery that might have you
10:08 am
second guessing what you know about the planets. >> and ripped from the headlines, a chapter of world history played out on the big take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay fo$250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising.
10:09 am
10:10 am
movies range from comedy to history to thriller this weekend. >> you think these are serial murders? >> i don't know. >> the first one i found dates back to the '60s.
10:11 am
>> in "sinister" ethan hawk plays a writer who moves into the home of a murdered family and finds their home movies of the killings. that is when his new home becomes a house of horror. "sinister" is rated "r" and is in theaters today. >> actor kevin james writes a check he can't cash. he plays a high school biology teacher whose school is threatening to cut extracurricular activities but the former wrestler comes up with a plan to come up with the money getting his face kicked in for cash at the mixed martial arts. here comes the boom is rated pg. >> also hitting theaters a movie that's ripped from the headlines. a film argo is based on the 1979 iran hostage crisis. ben aflac stars and poses as a film maker and has the hostages pose as his crew so he can lead them to freedom. >> i knew it would be resonant
10:12 am
in some ways talking about revolution and the unintended consequences. i had no idea it would become really tragically resonant. >> the film is already getting some oscar buzz. "argo" is rated "r." >> they're talking best movie. >> best picture. but there are conflicting reviews on aflac's acting some critics even saying his only mistake was casting himself in the movie but we haven't seen it yet. >> he is an academy award winning actor isn't he? >> screenwriter. >> he is an academy award winner. >> that's right. >> he has been recognized by the academy. well today definitely is a good day to watch a movie inside if you want early on but then things are going to lighten up. >> it's going to be a nice day. still a little chilly first thing this morning to get your weekend started but there's talk of sunshine and warmer weather and all the things you want to hear.
10:13 am
10:14 am
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so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! did you ever look up at the night sky and think that, hum. that star kind of looks like diamonds? well, one of them just might be. u.s. and french researchers believe they have discovered a planet that is largely made up of diamonds. the planet is about 40 light years away. not that far. and twice the size of earth. there is no word on how large
10:16 am
th that is in carats. the new planet is a fast mover and goes around its version of the sun so fast that a year only lasts about 18 hours. >> that is going to be a tough mining operation. first of all you'll be, once we figure out the travel of the speed of light outside of star trek 40 years to get there, 40 years to get back and then the issue of actually drilling the rock out of the planet spinning so quickly. >> never mind. >> cu"curiosity" has its work c out for him. >> no chance. for us a little tamer weather here around the washington area today. bright sunshine, yes. the ferocious northwesterly winds from yesteay which brought all of this cold air in that we're dealing with this morning. those are now going away. and eventually we'll be replacing them with a strong southwesterly wind. that comes into play tomorrow. but for now, it's a great looking day outside. not very breezy down at the airport. winds out of the northeast averaging only three miles per hour down at reagan national
10:17 am
airport right now. but having been outside fairly recently and getting ready to go back outside again even a little hint of a breeze out there with temperatures in the 40s. sure does feel awfully chilly first thing this morning. it's going to be a great day to get outside and enjoy. hopefully you have something fun to do. 43 in northern maryland. 50 degrees in frederick. dulles international airport did make it down to 30 degrees this morning so we've had our first killing freeze now for much of western fairfax, loudoun county, northern prince william county out to the blue ridge and the shenandoah valley. that's pretty much it for the growing season out to the north and west. didn't get anywhere near freezing in downtown washington or bay side so the growing season sneaks out a couple more weeks. beautiful weather up and down the eastern seaboard today. bright and sunny. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. no chance for rain today. if you're traveling up and down the eastern seaboard no chance for rain here. if you're traveling out toward the midwest though rain showers from detroit to chicago and severe weather today from chicago to st. louis and eventually down toward parts of
10:18 am
north texas. for us, no threat for severe weather at all. just severe clear outside today. nice and cool with the sunshine. highs today still falling 5 to 7 degrees cooler than average for mid october. but overnight tonight with the return of the southerly breeze, a partly to mostly clear sky tonight but temperatures tonight probably about 5 to 10 degrees milder than they were this morning. generally in the 40s. very few if any spots will get below 40 tomorrow morning. then tomorrow afternoon, very substantial south to southwesterly wind will put temperatures back up into the mid 70s around here. windy but much, much warmer for your sunday than for today. our next rain chance shows up on monday. nothing too crazy in the forecast. today sunny and cool. the breezes laying down gradually as we go through the rest of the day. sun goes down at 6:32 this evening. the redskins playing tomorrow against the vikings. it's a 4:00 game. temperatures upper 60s to mid 70s. here's your seven-day forecast. nice weather around here the
10:19 am
next couple days. monday will be a bit of a rainy affair but we should get the rain out of here in time for the tuesday morning commute so that will be welcome news. now it's time for our games. missouri. what do we think the chances of missouri beating alabama today? >> i know it's home coming. >> 1% chance. never say never. it does happen. >> i'll give you 2%. >> thanks. >> carolina and lsu. the mad hatter and the old ball coach. prediction, miss goff? >> you know, it's going to be tough but i think that i'll put my lou holtz hat on and carolina will squeeze this one out. >> boomer/sooners. oklahoma/texas today. the red river rivalry. the most hated school in texas takes on my beloved sooners. 81 degrees. 20 to 25 miles an hour. a big one down there. >> every week the most hated school. >> it changes. >> goes on rotation. >> whoever dares to play my sooners that is the most hated
10:20 am
team. texas holds a special place in my heart. next some of the best places around town to catch the fall foliage. >> and the unique bond between furry friends that has become an internet sensation. >> you're watching news 4 today.
10:21 am
10:22 am
today if you can bear the chill it might just be the perfect day to enjoy the autumn
10:23 am
leaves. it's the warren harris society's annual fundraiser the festival of leaves going on today until 6:00 in downtown front royal, virginia. there's going to be plenty of music, food, crafts, even historic tours. it's the 42nd year for the event. and front royal is just one of many places where the leaves are starting to change this time of year. >> chuck bell is outside on the storm 4 weather deck with a look at some other places that are also pretty interesting to see. hey, chuck. >> good morning once again. you guys chick end out. you shouldn't have. it is noticeably warmer than it was about an hour ago. bright sunshine and near perfect weather for getting outside and enjoying october weather. of course this is one of my favorite times of the year because fall foliage is starting to kick in and there is a lot of great places to go and see the color in and around the mid-atlantic. so joining me today to help tell you where you should go, this is elizabeth orr the founder of posh and is here to help us out with some of the better places to go and take a
10:24 am
look. >> thank you for having me. >> the first one i think is one of the best because it is so very, very close is skyline drive in northern virginia. >> amazing. we're so lucky to live 75 miles from skyline drive. it is 105 miles long through the blue ridge mountains. you can see places to pull over and have a picnic, take pictures, go on hikes. the foliage there is peaking from now through the beginning of november. >> that eventually attaches on to the blue ridge parkway, right? >> absolutely. >> that's another couple hundred miles down into western north carolina. >> you want to be a little careful of weather conditions though because it is a ploun tain road. if 's inclement weather and the park service has a website where you can check. >> yes. >> there are places to stay if you want to stay. and the meadows lodge, which is another national park service lodge, that is actually a live web cam so you can check out the fall foliage. it's mostly green now but is going to be changing. >> yeah. a lot of green still left out there. it is still fairly early on. another great spot if you prefer to stay in maryland, deep creek lake about three and a half,
10:25 am
four hours' drive depending how heavy your foot is but western maryland, what a great spot. >> my gosh. gorgeous. you'll be surrounded by national parks. you have lakes, hiking, biking. there are two wonderful places to stay. if it's a row manmantic weekend recommend lake point inn. don't bring the brood to that one. that is a beautiful view. typical view of autumn there. and you've got the lake as well. and if you're with a family they have sunset lodges which are, you know, one, two, three bedroom cabins you can stay in. >> and a quick question. there are a lot of ski lodges across western maryland as well. are they open for fall foliage? >> they are. the wisp resort. they do i think even a chair lift ride so you can see the mountain foliage. go up there and mountain bike, hike all around there. it is a beautiful place to see. >> very good. if you prefer to go a little further to the north parts of southern pennsylvania also good though they tend to peak a little earlier color wise. >> they are starting now i think. the cumberland valley, bedford county, pennsylvania, that is a picture i took from bedford springs resort. >> beautiful.
10:26 am
>> in the summer. and that's a wonderful historic property. and again, they have 14 covered bridges in that county which is such a neat way to view the foliage and they're all over 100 years old. >> that close to amish country? >> it is. >> a lot of great amish arts and crafts and things to do. >> absolutely. and ticking, festivals, you know, beautiful scenic drives. if the weather is bad the omni bedford springs has the oldest indoor pool in america. >> very nice. and, yeah. here is what i've come up with where we are right now. near peak color across much of central and western pennsylvania. there is good color as you mentioned along skyline drive and down toward the blue ridge parkway. not a lot of color in and around the metro areas and down toward the coastal plains just yet. obviously give it another week or so and the colors will start to come out. as we know it's not the cold that changes the leaves' color but the lack of sun light that changes the leaves from green to yellow. >> you're so smart, chuck. >> i know this. this is right in my field.
10:27 am
>> the next three weekends i think will be amazing. >> very good. thanks for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> back to you guys. >> all right, chuck. what a sweetheart. she got to him. >> she'll be back for another interview. okay. the time right now three minutes from the half hour. who says two animals can't become friends? >> yes. especially talking about these two, a cat and a baby monkey. a man who runs a monkey show from missouri says his 7-month-old monkey named april and his tuxedo cat named chuck have become fast friends. so much so he posted this video of them together. it's received almost 500,000 hits over the last few weeks. they even got a shout out from ellen degeneres and it looks like the two are so tight that
10:28 am
10:29 am
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